Current Affairs June 2020

World & Local

  • The Nepali parliament moves to approve a new map and revision of the national emblem which includes territory in India‘s Uttarakhand state. 
  • Sweden closes the case of the murder of Prime Minister Olof Palme in 1986 after 34 years of investigation. 
  • Russian president Vladimir Putin declares a state of emergency after a diesel spill near Norilsk.
  • Indian-American Soil scientist, Dr. Rattan Lal   received the 2020 World Food Prize Laureate (250,000 USD – Rs. 1.89 crore) for developing and mainstreaming a soil centric approach to increase food production that conserves natural resources and mitigates climate change. 
  • Kathy Sullivan Former NASA astronaut and Geologist became the first woman to reach the Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the ocean.
  • Turkish’s diplomat has been elected president of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly. Volkan Bozkir
  • Ireland’s parliament picked veteran opposition leader Micheál Martin as prime minister on Saturday to head the first coalition uniting the two parties that have battled each other for power since a civil war nearly a century ago.
  • Lazarus Chakwera  of Malawi Defeat of Peter Mutharikais marks first time an incumbent African leader has lost after being forced to restage vote-
  • A French court on Monday sentenced former Prime Minister Francois Fillon to five years in jail, three of them suspended, for embezzling public funds in a scandal that wrecked his 2017 run for president.
  • Facebook bans groups affiliated with the boogaloo movement, which was linked to a pair of attacks in California, US, that left two dead and three injured earlier this month and late last month.


  • Salwa Eid Naser,who ran the third-fastest 400m in history when winning gold at last year’s world championships in Doha, is facing a two-year ban after being provisionally suspended for missing three drug tests in a 12-month period. 
  • Lamine Diack,the former head of World Athletics, on Thursday told a French court he had slowed the handling of Russian doping cases between 2011-2013 to save a sponsorship deal with a Russian bank.
  • Matt Poore,Former New Zealand Test cricketer  who is remembered for catching a stray dog during a match in Bangalore in 1955 and subsequently taking 12 anti-rabies injection, has died at the age of 90.
  •  Former England Women Cricket Captain Clare Connor(43 year old), an all-rounder, becomes the 1st female president of Marylebone Cricket Club(MCC) in 233 years.

Arts & Entertainment

  • Christo The artist, known for wrapping buildings including Berlin’s Reichstag, and also swathing areas of coast and entire islands in fabric, has died aged 84. 
  •  Gone with the Wind (Dir . Victor Fleming) The film  is removed from the HBO Max streaming service. They say the 1939 film, which takes place in Georgia during the American Civil War and the Reconstruction era, was “a product of its time” and depicted “ethnic and racial prejudices” that “were wrong then and are wrong today”.
  • Popular Bollywood actor was found dead at his Mumbai residence . Sushant Singh Rajput
  • whose song We’ll Meet Again became an anthem of hope and resilience during the second world war, has died aged 103. Dame Vera Lynn,
  • British actor, best known for his roles in “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “Alien”, has died aged 88, Ian Holm
  • Costume designer-turned director Joel Schumacher, known for helming films including ‘St Elmo’s Fire’, ‘Falling Down’ as well as two ‘Batman’ movies, has passed away.

Science & Business

  • Alibaba co-founder, e-commerce billionaire Jack Ma is set to resign from SoftBank’s board of directors after 13 years,
  • Hello Kitty founder Shintaro Tsuji steps down as CEO aged 92
  • Japanese manufacturing company Olympus  announces it is exiting the camera business after 84 years, stating its financial losses caused by their inability to compete with smartphone cameras was a major factor in the decision-
  • NASA is renaming its Washington DC headquarters in honor of the first black female engineer to work at the American space agency – the ‘Mary W. Jackson NASA Headquarters building.

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