Quiz 014: Mix Quiz 01


01.) Which country has the longest national anthem?

02.) What is the world’s longest railway and deepest traffic tunnel and the first flat, low-level route through the Alps?

03.) Adaopted since 1370 Which country use a oldest flag in the world?

04.) This family magazine was first published in 1922 by DeWitt and Lila Wallace and sold exclusively through the mail in the United States. Global editions of this magazine now have a combined circulation of 17 million copies in more than 70 countries, making it the largest paid circulation magazine in the world. What is this magazine?

05.) What is the tallest statue in the world?

06.) Who was the Indian diplomat and politician who elected as the first female president of the United Nations General Assembly?

07.) What is tympanic membrane commonly called?

08.) What is the common name for Hansen’s disease?

09.) Who is the mathematician who developed logarithms?

10.) Having started with a single outlet in Seattle 1971, this company has expanded to become the largest coffeehouse company in the world – with over 17,000 stores in 50 countries. Interestingly, the company’s brand name is derived from the famous American novel Moby Dick by Herman Melville – it is named after the first mate on the whaleship Pequod, commanded by Captain Ahab. What is this famous brand name?


01.) Greece

02.) Gotthard Base Tunnel

03.) Denmark

04.) Reader’s Digest

05.) Statue of Unity

06.) Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

07.) Eardrum

08.) Leprosy

09.) John Napier

10.) Starbucks

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