Quiz 033 :Olympics Quiz 03


01.) The International Olympic Committee is the authority responsible for organising the modern summer and Winter Olympic Games. Where is the headquarters of IOC situated?

02.) Five countries — Greece, Britain, France, Switzerland and Australia (twice combined with New Zealand as Australasia) — have been represented at all Summer Olympic Games since 1896. What is the only country among them to have won at least one gold medal at every Summer Olympic Games?

03.) Basketball has been a regular Olympic sport since 1936. From that year until 2008, only four teams have won the Gold medal in men’s basketball.The USA and former Soviet Union are two of them.Name the only other two countries which have won Gold medal in Olympic men’s basketball event?

04.) He broke the existing record by a margin of 55 cm (21 2⁄3 in.) and his world record stood for almost 23 years until it was broken in 1991 by Mike Powell. As of 2020, the jump is still the Olympic record and the second longest wind legal jump in history. Who is he?

05.) She holds the record for the most Olympic gold medals by a gymnast, male or female, with 9. Her total of 18 Olympic medals was a record for 48 years. Between 1956 and 1964 she won 14 individual Olympic medals and four team medals. Who is she?

06.) Who is the only Olympian, male or female, to have won a gold medal in all sprint (running) events 100, 200 and 400 metres?

07.)Who was the first Asian Olympic champion in an individual event by winning the long jump and high jump events in 1924 Olympic games?

08.)Who was the Greek businessman and writer was the first President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), from 1894 to 1896?

09.) Who holds records as the oldest Olympian at the time of competition, the oldest person to win gold, and the oldest person to win an Olympic medal?

10.)Six months before the 1988 Olympics, He was diagnosed with HIV, and started antiretrovirals. He injured his head at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and some blood got in the pool. He won gold medals at the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics, on both the springboard and platform. He is the only man and the second diver in Olympic history to sweep the diving events in consecutive Olympic Games.Name him?


01.) Lausanne, Switzerland

02.) Britain         

03.) Yugoslavia in 1980 & Argentina in 2004

04.) Bob Beamon

05.) Larisa Latynina

06.) Elizabeth Cuthbert

07.) Mikio oda

08.) Demetrios Vikelas

09.) Oscar Swahn

10.) Greg Louganis

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