Quiz 052: Politicians Quiz 03


01.)Who was the politician who served as the first President of Algeria from 1963 to 1965?

02.)He served as Prime Minister of Japan from 1964 to 1972. He brought Japan into the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, for which he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1974.Who is he?

03.)He was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. He was one of Adolf Hitler’s closest and most devoted associates, and was known for his skills in public speaking and his deeply virulent anti-Semitism. He advocated progressively harsher discrimination, including the extermination of the Jews in the Holocaust. Who is he?

04.)He was a French army officer and statesman who led Free France against Nazi Germany in World War II and chaired the Provisional Government of the French Republic from 1944 to 1946 in order to reestablish democracy in France. He was elected President of France in 1958, and held until his resignation in 1969.Name him?

05.)Considered to be the driving force behind the independence of Bangladesh, Who was swept to power and became president of Bangladesh?

06.)He played a crucial role in forming the Insurrectionist faction, which united the FSLN and sparked the mass uprisings of 1978–1979, culminating in the Nicaraguan Revolution. He was leader of Nicaragua from 1979 to 1990 and won the presidency again in 2007.Who is he?

07.)She is a Canadian politician, who served as the 19th prime minister of Canada from June 25 to November 4, 1993. She is the first and only woman to hold the position. Name her?

08.)He was a Chinese politician, physician, and political philosopher, who served as the provisional first president of the Republic of China & referred as the “Father of the Nation” in the Republic of China for his instrumental role in the overthrow of the Qing dynasty during the Xinhai Revolution. Who is he?

09.)He led the Australian Labor Party (ALP) to power for the first time in 23 years at the 1972 election. He won the 1974 election before being controversially dismissed by the Governor-General of Australia, Sir John Kerr, at the climax of the 1975 Australian constitutional crisis. He remains the only Australian prime minister to have been removed from office in this manner. Name him?

10.)He is recognized as the Singapore’s founding father, credited with rapidly transitioning the country from a “developing third world country into a developed first world country within a single generation” under his leadership. Name him?


01.) Ahmed ben bella

02.) Eisaku Sato

03.) Joseph Goebbels

04.) Charles de Gaulle

05.) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

06.) Daniel Ortega

07.) Kim Campbell

08.) Sun Yat-sen

09.) Gough Whitlam

10.) Lee Kwan Yew

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